Party Wall Surveyor Training CourseThe course fee is inclusive of:1. CSkills Awards - registration fee, post-course assessment and certification2. Free download access to all future course material updates - available to every delegate successfully completing the post-course assessment, our documentation is revised several times per year to include new case law, articles, blog posts and peer discussion etc. 3. Post-course support - We are always here to help with any queries you may have with regard to party wall matters and aim to respond within 24 hours Course MaterialThe information we make available to delegates is more than many surveyors undertaking party wall work will be aware of, and is kept completely up to date. Our course material (four principle course documents plus a digital library of other information/resources comprising over four thousand items in total), is available for download as soon as the course fee has been paid. Included are copies of both the current RICS and Pyramus & Thisbe Club Party Wall Guidance Notes (including pro-forma Notices, memoranda of appointment and draft awards), relevant legislation (current, predecessor and ancillary), numerous papers/articles by eminent party wall surveyors and lawyers, and abstracts from peer discussions. We also provide delegates with two of our principle documents - 'Course Notes' and 'An Introduction to the Basic Principles of the Act', in printed format.Each time the material is updated we will send you a new web-link by e-mail and the previous link will no longer work. Access to future updates is subject to you being in the process of completing, or have completed, the post-course assessment at that time.  Included with all our downloads is a schedule of updates entitled 'Course Documentation Register <month> 2016' so that you can immediately see what has changed since the last update and only download those specific items. For your ease of identification, the present version of that schedule is the only Word document in the Principal folder 'Course Documentation V0316_Shared File'.  There are around 4,000 items available to you but as they are always accessible on-line, and are updated several times a year, it makes sense to view them there and only download specific documents when it might be convenient to have a printed copy. Do not attempt to alter anything while in Dropbox. You must download the document first if you wish to do that. When we first received your enquiry we would have directed you to which is intended for general consumption but we also curate a professional page of party wall related web content at . The latter articles have a more technical/legal bias and we think you will find them informative. Included are references to several important legal cases, several within the last six months. 





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3.  Post-course support - We are always here to help with any queries you may have with regard to party wall matters and aim to respond within 24 hours This facility is available to all delegates during the three month post-course assessment period and thereafter, as (2) above. This is an open ended commitment on our part and several of our past delegates still get in touch, a number of years after having attended the course, should they encounter an unusual situation.