Party Wall Surveyor Training Courses

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic no face-to-face courses

will be held until further notice.


However, a new MODULAR ONLINE COURSE is now available.


Further details will appear here shortly. Meanwhile, please follow this link .


The normal cost of our online course is £750 but until the end of January 2021 we are offering a 10% discount, reducing the cost to £675. A three month payment plan is also available.


Both course fees are inclusive of the one year's subscription to the Party Wall Academy (MPWAcad), post-course assessment costs, unfettered access to our online reference material and one-to-one support in connection with any party wall matter from the moment you take the course.


Our two-day intensive party wall surveyor training course is open at anyone wishing to enhance the knowledge they already have or make a career change. Some building knowledge is helpful but by no means essential. It is knowing how to correctly interpret the Act that is imperative. A number of past delegates with little or no prior experience of the construction or property industries are now running very successful party wall surveying practices. 

The two-day course fee is £930 (*see breakdown below). 



If comparing us with another two day course on a purely cost basis, you will find that our course fee, the Academy subscription and the overall cost are each less than any alternative providers. All our elemental costs are explained in the table below. Some organisations are not as clear in setting out the full cost of membership on their websites.

The post-course assessment is a vital extension to the taught course. It allows you to discover how to relate the Party Wall etc. Act to a dozen different real life situations, under professional guidance. We also provide one-to-one support directly after the course. Other providers leave you to your own devices in the interim period between completing their course and joining their organisation.

Beware one-day courses that suggest they can provide a measure of understanding sufficient to enable you to act competently as a party wall surveyor. That is simply not possible. At best, they will provide a broad overview wholly lacking in the detail necessary to allow you to act competently.

  has been running specialist courses in the interpretation and application of the Party Wall etc. Act since 2009. We are the sole training and assessment provider to the Party Wall Academy. All delegates on the two-day course are eligible for Academy membership, subject only to completing our guided post-course assessement


Whether you are an individual wishing to set up your own party wall practice, a company wanting to widen the scope of service you are able to offer your clients, or an organisation seeking to bring party wall surveying services in-house, follow the link below for further details or contact us today.


Our ethos is simple: To promote best practice and professionalism in the field of party wall surveying by making our unparalled knowledge readily accessible.




Course fee £560
Post-course assesment Costs £195
Online reference material access £40
Personal post-course support Free
Party Wall Academy subscription (first year) £135
Total £930
The only ongoing cost is the annual subscription. The remainder are one off charges.  
Please note: The course is only available as part of the total package  



... A party wall course with us is a career investment with lifetime value ...





The Preferred Party Wall Software Solution 

For party wall surveyors' technical and GDPR compliance needs, we recommend using Party Wall PRO, a software enabling professionals to better manage their party wall jobs. It helps party wall surveyors keep organised and in control of their heavy workload.