Who can be a party wall surveyor?  In short, anyone provided they act impartially

The only restriction imposed by the Party Wall etc. Act is that an owner cannot be his own party wall surveyor. The Act does not stipulate that party wall surveyors need to be professionally qualified, nor indeed hold any academic qualifications.  However, it is essential that a party wall surveyor fully comprehends the workings of the Act and its interpretation as understood by those experienced in its application and as established by case law. In a number of recent legal proceedings, the Courts have ruled against actions which were, until then, commonly held to be correct practice, demonstrating that in this field a little knowledge can indeed be a dangerous thing. 

In the past, party wall surveying was the sole preserve of chartered surveyors, engineers and architects and was surrounded in mystique. Our aim is to make it equally accessible as a career choice to anyone with a background in construction or the ability to demonstrate appropriate transferable skills. 

Our courses provide comprehensive instruction (relevant to the level being taught) on the proper operation of the Act, as currently perceived by practitioners, and guidance on how to avoid the many potential pitfalls, in effect reducing a complex Act of Parliament to component parts that can be readily understood without any prior legal knowledge.